The Traditional Route Of Education Is Outdated, At Best

When colleges first began, they served as an opportunity available to anyone who desired to grow their knowledge and become credentialed in a field they were passionate about. 

Fast forward to today and you will see dozens of barriers that arise preventing over 90% of the world from holding a college degree. 

How Can College Be Accessible To YOU???

It Needs To Break Financial Barriers 

It's no secret that the cost of college has absolutely SKYROCKETED over the last few years 🚀

To earn a Christian-based degree can cost tens of thousands of dollars making it inaccesible for most to pay for. 

This is why Christian Leaders operates on generosity; to be able to offer you a high quality Christian education at a low cost that is easy to afford. 

It Needs To Break Time Barriers 

Trying to juggle assignment due dates, semester deadlines, class schedules and all the other commitments that come with school by itself is NO JOKE... 

Now imagine trying to combine all of that with your personal & work life! It makes education inaccessible for countless individuals with a busy life. 

This is why Christian Leaders operates on a study at your own pace program. So you can format your studies around your life giving you tons of freedom & flexibility in your studies. 

It Needs To Break Geographical Barriers 

To find a college that fits your personal schedule and budget can be impossible let alone finding one that is close to your home. 

The traditional brick and mortar setup of colleges are not compatible with most people who cant afford to move away from home, commute, spend thousands of dollars on a dorm, etc...

This is why Christian Leaders is 100% online. It allows you to access all of your courses, material, and your degree program from the comfort of your own home, anytime, anywhere. 

See The Power Of Christian Leaders In Action

If you are a Christian looking to earn a college degree, you can see the revolutionary approach Christian Leaders has created to break the barriers that are stopping you from pursuing an education.

You can see the power of the program LIVE by clicking the button below & scheduling a live demo now.  

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Our Mission

To break all the barriers that stop believers in Christ from having access to the college level training & credentialing they need to become launched in their calling